Relationships can activate intense feelings and past wounds within each partner. Couples therapy can help you both in developing greater awareness of when and how this is happening, and to discover new tools to better manage these challenges when they do arise.

I encourage couples to consider therapy not just as a last resort, but as a chance to grow and explore together when problems arise. Doing this may help to resolve issues, and also create greater intimacy and connection. Resolving small issues may offer opportunities for greater closeness and growth, rather than developing into large problems.

Sadly, sometimes relationship issues cannot be resolved, and in such cases I work with couples to help navigate this difficult period with more compassion, grace, and ease, maximizing the potential for healing and finding meaning in the process.

I have extensive experience working with a wide range of couples including LGBTQ couples and cross-cultural couples. Some issues that I can help with are:

 Improving communication, especially around sensitive topics

 Navigating intimacy, closeness, and sexuality

 Family issues/parenting

 Commitment and infidelity

 Entrenched patterns

 Anger and conflict

 Life transitions

Working through issues together with the support of a trusted therapist can bring about powerful change and healing, and often brings a renewed level of commitment, passion, and harmony into a relationship.