Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help you deepen self-understanding and create more peace and fulfillment in your life. Meeting you with compassion, respect, and warmth, I can help you to identify and learn more about the issues you are struggling with, and ultimately help you come to a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. I am committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental space for you in our work together where you can bring all of yourself and your history, and explore and integrate experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

I work primarily from a psychodynamic orientation. In practice this means that I pay particular attention to your thoughts, feelings, and unconscious processes. This helps to identify patterns and obstacles that are outside of your everyday awareness, and can lead to meaningful, lasting change.

Some issues I can help with include:

• Anxiety, worry, and panic
• Depression and loneliness
• Grief and loss
• Self esteem, self confidence
• Anger and interpersonal conflict
• Healing from abuse and trauma
• Addiction, addictive patterns
• Indecisiveness, uncertainty
• Creating/finding meaningful work
• Relationship issues
• Difficulty staying focused
• Adoption issues
• Unproductive patterns and behaviors